Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Catholic Cambodia

Church members comfort the sick and help the poor

The Church of the Holy Trinty in Kirivong always pays attention to the needy by caring for the old, sick and poor people in order to show love, compassion and encouragement for them regardless of them belonging to the Buddhist faith. These activities took place at Takeo province’s Kirivong district.

Fr. Fernando Zapata, the parish priest, said: “Every day we visit them and I see they are happy with smiles on their faces.  What we see is the driving force that leads us to bear witness of the Good News with all our hearts and the pastoral works we are doing come from the initiative of the Church of the Holy Trinity.”

The priest emphasised, “Charity in action for other people is of prime importance in the Catholic Church, especially the Church in Kirivong because what we receive is a cordial welcome from them. It is unlike in other years when Church members were looked upon with suspicion due to their faith. This is the example of the fruits we receive from Jesus Himself, who is also our great teacher who leads the Church and strengthens the faith for those willing to participate in charitable activities,”

Members of this charity group of Kirivong always visit them and serve as consolers for those who have difficulties and feel hopeless. The members carry out such activities every week and once a month they visit about seven families.

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